About us

about us

As well as text chat, Xonadu operates hosted premium rate sms, mms and phone services – generating revenue for a wide range of clients with a porfolio of voice and mobile services (from dating, adult, tarot to astrology and betting). Our other solutions include mobile content delivery, low value transaction billing via psms or premium rate phonelines, WAP/sms gateway access, and bulk text marketing tools.

X-on (Xonadu’s parent company) was founded in April 2000 by Paul Bensley who brought 30 years experience in Voice and Data technology from his time at the Storacall Group of Companies.

X-on was launched to focus on the benefits of outsourced fixed and mobile telephony services, which integrate voice, data and messaging. After launching our first text chat service in 2000 in partnership with 4D interactive, Xonadu has grown from humble beginnings to one of the UK’s most successful text chat providers. It now white labels its platform for brands and individuals to use to power their own text chat services.

other products

Voice chat platform

Through our parent company X-on, we operate successful voice chat communities on 0871 and premium rate phone lines – both in English and foreign languages. These are message exchanges which enable users to swap messages with each other. We can build a phone based chat community around your brand.

Mobile payment for websites

Clients use our sms billing to charge mobile users small amounts for short term access to their website, or for content. This micro-payment solution encourages repeat use by the user. You can allow users to trial your content area for a small fee, thus encouraging them to become full members. Capture the the impulse buyer who wishes to gain immediate access to your content area.

SMS and IM for website UIs

Do you want to incorporate sms into you website user interface? We can enable your website users to communicate with each other by SMS by allocating ‘virtual’ numbers to every single one of your users. Your users may then chat anonymously with each other by sms, or by ringing the numbers. All sms and voice traffic is routed through our chat platform, and can be integrated with our sms billing tool so that you may generate revenue from their chat. We can now also integrate IM with our platform. Add Instant Messaging into the UI of your site to connect with our membership, or allow your members to connect by IM directly to mobile via sms.

Chat Exchange

We’re always happy to partner with companies who have similarly large chat communities. We believe we can both benefit from putting our users in touch with yours. Our text chat members always need new people to talk to and we have been experimenting with ways of integrating with other communities so that both parties generate a mutually beneficial revenue. Recently we have introduced the members of another company’s WAP site to our text chat members with very positive results. Whether or not you have a community of web, WAP, or phone users ready to chat – we should talk.


x365 is theĀ brand containerĀ for xonadu’s network of premium rate text chat, text dating and text tarot websites. All of these services can be white labelled. For a full portfolio, click here.