What is text chat

what is text chat

Text Chat is a safe and moderated SMS Chat service for over 18s which allows users to swap sms and picture messages using their mobiles and smart phones. People use the service for chat and – if they hit it off really well – for dating.

Girls chat for free, but we charge other users for message and picture credits by sending premium rate sms to their mobile device. We bill pre-pay (Pay As You Go) mobile users and contract users too.

Text Chat is engaging, addictive and, until users want to exchange contact numbers, it’s anonymous and therefore the best way to chat to lots of new people safely from a mobile.

When a mobile user texts in your keyword we send them an sms asking them to specify the age group, sex and location of the girls or guys they want to chat with and then to text in a short profile. This profile is circulated by sms to the other matching members, and one to one conversations take place between two members who are interested in each other. There are thousands of people already on the service so new members get chatting to existing members within minutes.

It’s easy to provide a white label version of the text dating platform – Xonadu simply add your brand, company or service name to all the messages sent to your users.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding – demo the service here to see how quickly you can talk to new people. There are thousands chatting 1-2-1 right now.

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